Ya Girl Is On A Roll!

A couple of nights ago, I decided to make country fried steak. I had no steak though, so I used chicken. Chicken breasts are sometimes really bulky. So, I split them in two, breaded them and fried them. It smelled delicious, but I was nervous to find out what they would taste like. I found a recipe for homemade gravy and decided to try my hand at that too. This was something that I’d never tried before, and everything but the sides of veggies was an experiment. Caleb was excited to sit down for dinner, because the smells were filling the house. I was extremely nervous, as I hadn’t done the normal taste tests during my preparation. I fixed Caleb’s plate, and poured my homemade gravy over the chicken and potatoes. Then, I served him, and waited to see his reaction after the first bite.

I figured he would be nice, sense he knew that I was nervous and was looking for his approval. He made yum sounds and smiled at me. He told me how impressive it was that I’d made homemade gravy. I exhaled and fixed my own plate, finally feeling good about my from-scratch meal. I forgot to take a picture of the meal before we ate, but it looked and tasted delicious. Another great accomplishment for me! I’m really starting to like cooking. Any recipe ideas? I’d love to try.

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