Why I Love My Husband

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ISH Rainbow KissI fell in love with my husband because when we met, we had an effortless connection. Our chemistry was something that I had only read about in books before. He was everything that I had asked God for in my prayers, and he kept me on my toes. In previous relationships, I thought I was in love, until the guy started talking marriage. Then, I would find something wrong with him so that I could leave. I guess I knew that something wasn’t right, but I was forced to confront it, whenever things got too serious. I had always adopted a personality that guys were attracted to. With my husband, I was authentically me at all times.

He accepted me for me, and he encouraged me to be everything that I could be. Early in our friendship, he said “I believe in you.” At that moment, I grew strong and was determined to rise above my situation and stand as the amazing woman that I knew lived inside me. Years have passed since our friendship transformed into a godly love, a marriage, a business, a ministry.

Today, I love my husband, because he gives me strength. I love him, because God sent him to me. I love my husband, because he is an intelligent being who uplifts me, and who allows me to uplift him when he is vulnerable. I love him, because he is a team player. I love him, because he understands the work that must be done, in order to reach new levels in our marriage. My husband is a rock star! I love him, because he stays connected to me physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I love him, because he fights fair. I love him, because he heeded he calling on his life and crossed paths with me. Because of that, we were able to move forward on this journey to fulfill our destiny together.

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