What to Do When Your Family Doesn’t Like Your Lover

I think I’m safe in saying that at some point in our lives, we’ve all been here. We meet someone and fall head-over-heels in love, but our closest friends and family don’t see how great this person is. In my experience, whenever my family didn’t like someone that I was dating, they let me know it by cracking jokes about him all of the time. My daddy would just come out and say it, though. As a person who feels energies, you’d think I would know if a person was right for me or not, but I had those tunnel vision, rosy colored glasses on. As my family rejected my lover, I would hold onto him even tighter and fight back. I couldn’t see what they saw, and they obviously didn’t see what I saw.

After many years, and several failed relationships, I realized something. My family and friends have been around me either my entire life, or for the majority of it. If they have a problem, it’s wise to hear them out. They had my best interests at heart, and they wanted nothing but the best for me. Now, I know there are some family members and close friends who try to control your life and choose who you end up with. I’m not talking about them. Listen to the ones who love you unconditionally and who want to see you succeed. Those people can see things in your partner that you might be overlooking. We’ve seen the red flags and noticed little things that didn’t sit well with us, but in the name of love, we kept it moving, hoping that everything would iron itself out.

In some relationships, friends and family don’t like your partner, because they are jealous. They don’t want someone else hogging your time and attention. In those cases, you can ease their minds by merging some gatherings with them and your partner. Don’t allow your relationship to completely pull you away from the people who love you. They want to be around you too. All advice isn’t good, but know when to take it, and from whom to take it.

Know This: A person can only keep up with their representative for so long. After a while, s/he will show his/her true colors. In the end, wasn’t your ex exactly who your friends and family thought s/he was when they first met him/her? Don’t you just hate when they’re right? Save yourself some time, next time, and take heed.

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