Trayvon Martin: Still In Search For Justice For All

My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon Martin. I pray that justice is had for the family’s lost loved one. I understand the outrage of everyone else watching this story unfold, and I also pray that something is done to change the way that the black community is viewed. If a black person can’t wear a hooded sweatshirt and walk through his own neighborhood at night without someone suspecting him of wrongdoing and of having ill intentions, there’s something that has to be done on our behalf. I know that some people just have their prejudiced ideas about blacks, and we can only pray about that, but a lot of other people are educated on the black community through television. We know the types of images of black people that are portrayed on television. It definitely is not an accurate representation of those of us who are striving as educated entrepreneurs, and business people who are giving back to our communities, and mentoring others to aspire to do the same.

Because this case has widely spread, we hear more people talking about it and wanting change. I’ve seen several photos on Facebook comparing Trayvon’s killer to other people who have had to endure harsh sentences for something we would consider to be minor. I’ve also seen several photos of Skittles and tea (all that Trayvon had on him that night, rather than a deadly weapon). Yes, we want justice, but what about the other cases that we don’t hear much about? These types of situations are happening all over the world. Once this case is closed, will you go back to living your life, until you hear about something else, or will you be proactive and seek justice for more than Trayvon and his family? We have to continue to fight for justice overall, rather than on a case-by-case basis.
Read the story here and sign the petition here.

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