The Small Things Matter The Most

Women often complain that their men aren’t romantic enough. I know I’m guilty of making that statement on several occasions. I remember Sinbad saying, in one of his stand up comedy shows, that we usually just say that we want our men to be romantic, but he doesn’t know what that means. Our ideas of romance may not be what his ideas are. He went on to suggest that we simply tell them exactly what we want them to do. While that would make things easier, we just want them to know, right?

Well, the other night, my husband got it right, and I didn’t have to say a word. He didn’t spend any money, and it didn’t take him a lot of time to set anything up for me. We came home from a long day of working, and we had even more work to complete for the next day. I immediately sat down and pulled out my laptop to start writing, when I heard my husband fumbling around in the corner. After a minute or so, John Legend’s Best You Ever Had started playing, and my husband stood in front of me and asked me to dance.

Because I’m a little slow, I was initially irritated. I thought, he knows that I can’t concentrate like this, and he knows that I have work to do. Heck, he has work to do.  And then it hit me…this is his effort at being romantic. This is also my idea of romance. Very simple and oh so sweet. I looked up at him, smiled, sat my laptop aside, and took his hand. We danced right there in our living room. He held me close and kissed me. He sang along to the song, and I felt so special. I wasn’t thinking about work or anything else. In that moment, nothing existed but he and I and the music.

MusISHans, what simple things can you think of to bring you and your mate closer?

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