The Importance of Music For The Listener

Simply put, music is a way of life. It’s what keeps us all going. Sure there’s something different on all of our iPods, but that’s the beauty of it. There’s room for everyone! All genres and different artists. Just think about it…you may only download one song that you like from a particular artist, but you have thousands of songs on your playlist. I’m willing to bet that not all of them are of the same genre. Some are upbeat and uplifting, while others have a mid-tempos or are slow and dramatic. We have a favorite song for every mood we’re in. When I exercise, my playlist is full of upbeat, lively songs that keep me motivated and moving. If I’m feeling sad, I have another playlist that speaks to the way I’m feeling. I even have cleaning music. My music library ranges from gospel, jazz, funk, R&B, soul, to country, pop, and rock.

For those of us who listen to music as we drive, the selection for that morning drive to work and the evening rush hour inch home may be different. We desire a variety of sounds, lyrics, and melodies. Even though we have our favorite songs, we get tired of hearing them sometimes, and we look for something different from someone new. Some music fanatics prefer only music from independent artists, because they feel their music is more authentic. Others prefer whatever is hot at the moment. The point is, music, regardless of the type, remains the focus.

I believe that all artists who are in the business of creating music are doing us all a great service, because we NEED music. Thank you, fellow artists, for writing and performing material that will help the rest of the world get along a little easier. Musicians work hard to pour their hearts out through pen and paper, and to perform pieces that will directly connect to their listeners and that simply say, I can relate; I have been through this too.

The importance of music has been recognized by medical professionals who say that music helps people heal, learn, cope, etc. Music is used as therapy, and just as it helps others, it also helps those who are the creators of it. As an artist, one must create in order to feel normal. Music heals the soul of the musician. This is why artists crave fans. We need someone to listen, to accept, and to relate. Music composition gives the musician spiritual nourishment that only another artist could understand. Anyone passionate about anything knows that being able to nurture that passion means everything. I support other artists because of this. Designers that I learn about, I support as well. I thank them for honing their craft and presenting the world with something innovative and necessary.

MusISHans, how important is music to you?

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