The Consequences of Being A Leader

Whenever someone asks us if we are a leader or a follower, we usually say that we are leaders. Even the people who are followers in reality don’t want to admit it, and will opt for the more appealing title. The truth is, all leaders are also good followers. When we consider ourselves leaders, there are some responsibilities that we must take on as well.

I’ve heard a few Christians say that people shouldn’t judge them if they witness them doing something or saying something that they don’t think falls inline with the teachings of our faith. I agree that they shouldn’t be judged. I mean, we all make mistakes. But until people learn otherwise, that is the way things work. I’ve witnessed some Christians get angry, because they decided to have a drink while they were out, and someone made a comment about it, saying that they weren’t acting like Christians. My response? If we claim to be leaders, we have to be careful with the things that we say and do. People are watching us, and we are constantly promoting words and actions that are telling others that they can say and do as we say and do. This can be dangerous. There may be someone watching you that has an addictive personality. That person may not be able to have one drink without spiraling out of control. If that person does become addicted, you are responsible, because you were the leader in that situation.

Even if you don’t think something is wrong or a problem, you must keep in mind that there are others in this with you. Your actions don’t simply affect you alone. They affect your family, friends, and those who look to you for guidance. This is why celebrities are constantly talked about. There are masses of people watching their every move, and vulnerable people look to them for advice on how to live their lives. We all have to live responsibly, and pay attention to the people that we are influencing.

As A Leader You Must:

  1. Live as if you are under a microscope. (If you knew someone was watching, would you still do that?)
  2. Take others’ thoughts, feelings, and susceptibilities into consideration when making decisions for yourself.
  3. Be as loving as humanly possible.
  4. Be prepared to help others at all times. (Even on your “bad” days)
  5. Be an example of how to lead.


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