Step One: Realize the Problem

Problem #1: I don’t follow directions.

I just messed up instant rice. How does one do this? I’ll tell you. I didn’t follow the directions. I saw that I needed butter and water and a skillet. I threw the box to the side, measured out the ingredients, poured them all into the skillet, and cranked up the stove. I was surprised when I noticed that the rice was done cooking, before the 15 minutes that the box quoted was up.








I mixed in some broccoli that I’d prepared before. I was not surprised, when the rice was undone and hard. If I can’t make easy meals that come in a box, I have a real challenge ahead of me.









1st Attempt = FAIL
I ate as much as I could, but I didn’t finish it. It tasted well. The texture was completely off though. I’ll try again soon. And I will follow the directions next time. I don’t like wasting food.

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