Staying Positive through Adversity

Staying positive in every situation isn’t always so easy to do. It definitely takes a lot of effort to be positive at all times, and there are moments that we aren’t successful at keeping a smile on our faces. Disappointment and let downs are a part of the business, if you are hopeful in everything. It’s normal and natural to want everything to work out perfectly. The reality, however, is that things just don’t always pan out that way.

Building a fan base and making a name for yourself or your band isn’t as simple as some may think. Dealing with comments from people who aren’t in the business can be difficult as well. The public is often misinformed and believes that if you are as talented as you think you are, you should have been signed to a record label by now. They have no idea that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication that often takes years before it pays off.

I learned the hard way, but I can now offer this nugget of information. Everything that happens should be viewed as a learning experience. If things work out, you can take that and tuck it away for future use. If things don’t work out, you can learn from it, know what not to do, and push forward using your new knowledge. If you don’t expect to have a speedy success route, you will make better strides. Come up with a plan, implement it, and stick to it. Diligence and hard work will pay off. You will never know what could have been if you give up. When you are hit with rejection and negativity, dust yourself off, and stay encouraged. When things are hard, a blessing is around the corner. If you let it defeat you, you won’t ever see the progress and success that you’ve been working toward. The most important thing, next to being completely serious and passionate about what you’re doing, is being patient. Understand that nothing is an overnight success, especially in this business and set out for the long haul. You will be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t take forever to accomplish your goals.

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