Soul Train Impact Honors George Daniels

george daniels soul train impactLast Thursday, we had the great privilege of performing at Bistro by the Pier in Chicago to pay tribute to the legend George Daniels. George has been a very influential man in the city of Chicago and all over the world, when it comes to music and independent artists. He is a joy to be around, and he was honored for all that he has done. The event was produced by The Soul Train Impact, another group of wonderful people.

The room was filled with positivity. Record label executives, media professionals, and very talented artists were in attendance. We felt honored to be among the others in the room. We didn’t eat, but the wine was tasty. The people who did eat, ordered more to take home, so I believe the food is good there. George seemed to have a great time. His wife is beautiful and so sweet. She seemed to really enjoy the entertainment as well.

The artists who performed were Mouth Peace, Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective, us “ISH (Husband and Wife Duo)”, Marwan, and Justin Ruff. Everyone did a great job! After the show, we all took pictures together, danced a little, and talked. We went home feeling good about the evening and happy that we were able to take part in celebrating George Daniels.

Now, we’re preparing to head back to Indianapolis to perform at Jazz Kitchen again. We’re excited, because the last time we went, we sold out the dining room. We definitely plan to do it again, and there are so many people who missed the last show planning to come to this one. That makes us happy. Maybe we’ll completely pack the place out and there will be standing room only. Check out the commercial for the upcoming show below!

We’re also performing at Jerry’s in Chicago that same week. Check out the flyer below!

ISH (Husband and Wife Duo) Jerry's Flyer

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