Snap Into Action!

That is a command. There is a world of people waiting for you to act so that they can be enlightened and blessed by what you have to offer. Do you really want to deny those people their breakthroughs and ah ha moments? They need you to play your part so that they can start living again…so that they can forgive and move on…so that they can exhale negativity and breathe in success.

It is your job to create, to mentor, to give. Don’t let another day pass without fulfilling your purpose. Whatever it may be, you are obligated to do it now, so other people are held back no longer.


I command you to live each day like it is your last. Leave no relationships unresolved. Put off nothing for tomorrow. Do what you really want to do in the moment. Stop being so rushed and look around; enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding you.


Most importantly, love yourself. When you love yourself, you can’t help but love others, because there’s a different level of understanding there. Spread love and attract love. Do what you love.


Take several moments throughout your day to find something to laugh about. Have an awesome conversation with a friend. Watch a funny show on television. Let go and laugh at your situation. There’s always something that we can laugh at every day.

Go forth and enjoy life. Act!

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