Since When Does Money + Fame = Acceptable Cheating?

One of my vices is watching reality television. Even though I don’t agree with half of the things that transpire between the grown women, I find it entertaining. One recurring theme that seems to be common among the Hip Hop/R&B and sports worlds is cheating. I understand that the men may get lonely on the road, but does that give them the right to be with someone else? I don’t think so. I feel that these men should ask their wives to be prepared to hop on a plane and fly to wherever they are in the world, if they need it so badly. They have the money. What is the message that is being sent to the rest of the world about marriage? We can stand in front of our friends, family, and God and lie, saying that we will love and cherish through thick and thin, richer or for poorer, etc. and then give up and walk away???

Shani, Jenn, Evelyn, Tammy, Royce, and Suzie are the Basketball Wives, but none of them are married. In fact, all of them are divorced or baby mamas. And they all have stories of cheating in their relationships. I’ve heard too many women state that they understand the lifestyle and they are willing to compromise. Why would a woman be willing to negotiate cheating in a relationship, unless she isn’t really in it for the love and building a real and lasting marriage? In a recent episode, Evelyn sat down to talk to Chad about the rumors she’d been hearing about him cheating with other women. At the end of their conversation, she asked him to simply tell her whenever he’s going to be with someone else, so she doesn’t have to find out in the tabloids.

In an episode of Love & Hip Hop, Chrissy was having a conversation with a friend, explaining that there are certain things that come with the territory of being with a successful rap artist. She went on to say that she knows that he probably does his thing on the road, but he respects her because he doesn’t bring it home and put it in her face. Is that really respect? Is she disrespecting herself by accepting this behavior from him? She also pressured him into proposing to her. Maybe she felt that everything she has to deal with would be worth it if only she was his wife.

MusISHans, what are your thoughts on acceptable cheating?

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