She Gets It From Her Mama

Have you ever heard the phrase “You’re acting just like your mother”? People involuntarily carry the traits of their parents. Some traits are genetic, while others are learned through modeling and observation. We may not have put too much thought into this, but children pick up things that parents might not necessarily try to teach.

I was fascinated by this information in my Psychology and Sociology classes. I thought it was amazing how people’s personalities are shaped from childhood. If someone is stingy, it may be because he was the oldest child in the house and was always told to give his things to his younger siblings to stop them from crying and to keep peace.

I found myself worrying about my husband when he went out to the store or to do anything. If he wasn’t back at the time I expected him, I’d call and blow his phone up until he answered and I knew that he was safe. He would get upset with me, saying that he wished I would calm down and understand that he could handle himself. It made sense. I mean he was doing just fine before we met. Then, all of a sudden, I stepped into his life and started worrying about him being in some kind of danger whenever he left the house.

I started thinking about how my mom would call me several times in a row, if I didn’t answer the first call. She was concerned about me, and wanted to know where I was, if I was okay, and when I planned on being home. Even as an adult, whenever my husband and I visit, she calls my cell phone to wake me up for appointments or engagements we have scheduled. If my husband and I leave, she asks where we’re going, and when we’re coming back. It’s funny now that I understand her better, but I had to rid myself of that trait (as much as I could). I still have thoughts that run through my head, when my husband tells me that he’ll be home in 15 minutes and an hour passes. I just no longer allow my thoughts to control my actions.

MusISHans, do you carry personality traits from your parents that you want to change?

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