Right Before The Breakthrough

Usually, right before God does something major in our lives, he tests us, to see if we have learned and grown from the last series of situations and circumstances that he allowed us to experience. I won’t run down a full list of things that have gone wrong, but I will share one major thing that happened today. Caleb and I were running errands today, making sure we crossed a few things off of our list, before we hit the road in a couple of days. After picking up a few essentials from the store, we stopped by the mechanic shop to get a quick check-up and make sure we’re good to go. While the guys were checking out the car, Caleb and I walked over to a diner and had some cheese fries and light conversation. When we walked back over to the shop, we were informed that we need to purchase a new engine, because it’s as good as done.

Because of all of the things that we’ve been through in the past, together and individually, my first thought was “WOW! Something major is about to happen in our lives!” I have no idea how we’re going to pay for a new engine. This happened two days before we go on tour. Either the devil knows what greatness we are destined for and he’s trying his hardest to stop it, or God is allowing these things to happen right before he blesses us with a breakthrough. I choose to believe that a breakthrough is just ahead of us. We are about to run right into our blessing, and we’re excited! Nothing is going to stop what God is a part of, and he definitely is a part of ISH. Our ministry is supposed to be spread throughout the country and beyond.

God is our help. I am not stressing or worrying about anything, because I am expecting something great!

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