Rib (From Isha to Eve)

One of our supporters from Twitter shared this poem that she wrote, and we wanted to share it with you.

Rib (from Isha to Eve) by Chloe McNeil

Pulled out of your chest
Given for you God’s breath
Built out of what protects your heart
Given to you out of your ideas, your dreams
aspirations and future
For I am the mornings purpose
the mourning comfort
I Am that I Am made me what I am
I am what you needed but never knew
the honesty in your truth
the brand to your new
The flavor to your you
Pulled out of your intellect
your wildest imagination brought to life
feminized, strengthened, commited and smitten
For it was written
I am Isha
I am what God favors you with when wisdom is attained
The capital gain
different yet same
I was me and some of you
I am Isha
You must realize in God’s eyes
I was made specifically for you
Presented before you
I was made to adore you
We were you
I was Isha
I partake
You wait
then ate
Blamed me and God for your fate
Led by death captive
you were enchanted
You named me
I died with you when you refused truth
Stripped of my purpose
Now I am no longer you
You named me Eve
Blamed for centuries worth of iniquity
the scape goat for all humanity
forced to live in insanity
to become the proper help meet for you
yet I still adore you
I yearn for the days when you and I were just ME
To you I cleaved
But now I’m just “Eve”
You died to your orginal purpose
and I got lost in the shuffle with you
Forgive me Father for I knew not what I did do
but Ish knew
he blamed me and blamed You too
He changed his name to Adam
and now I am purposefully Eve
resigned to do nothing but concieve
Until one day redeemed
through my Lord and King
I will be Isha again

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