How to Protect Your Marriage

black marriageGrowing up, girls share intimate details about their relationships with their friends, but at some point, those details become more general and the information starts to dwindle altogether. This is not because we don’t like our friends any longer, or that we don’t trust them. It’s simply because we need to protect our marriages. Think about it…all of the times in the past that you shared all of the juicy details of your relationships with your girlfriends you weren’t thinking about marrying that person. You were having fun. Once you found that one that you decided you wanted to be with for the rest of your life, you started keeping quiet at the dish sessions.

It’s almost automatic, like an unspoken rule that we adhere to. It’s not the best idea to tell your girlfriends something negative that happened between you and your spouse, while you’re still angry. The two of you will eventually kiss and make up, but your friends will still be angry with him about something that happened a long time ago. Then, you’ll have to deal with awkward get-togethers where your friends don’t want to be around your man and vice versa. That eventually leads to you having to choose. Sounds messy doesn’t it?

I’ve learned that protecting my marriage starts with

  1. Keeping my mouth shut about certain things,
  2. Talking to only those who have something to offer that will better my relationship, and
  3. Praying over my husband. These three things have kept me in a happy and healthy marriage.

What things do you do to protect your relationship?

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