Pineapple Tour Days

As we prepare to go on our first tour in a few days, we are increasingly getting excited. We managed to book a 7 city tour on our own and fund it. Granted, funds are limited, but the experience on stage is what we’re most anticipating. As independent artists, a tour is a major deal for us. We are embarking on new territory and exposing our music to new markets and crowds. I wonder how we’ll be received in each city, but I think that’s something that most artists think about. Different places have different tastes, and we hope that they will all love our flavor.

There’s so much prep work that has to be done. I have been cleaning my house to make sure that we come home to a fresh smelling, hotel-like atmosphere. I have also been gathering everything that we are going to need on this trip. I’ve made a very long list of things that we need to pack, do, get, etc. I want to be completely prepared for everything that we can control. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that some donations will come in before we leave, so that we have have a more comfy road tour, or that we sell out of our merchandise. That will help this trip go a bit smoother too. Funding is a major deal with independent artists, but that’s another blog post…a book actually. Because we handle the business and the creative side of ISH, I can’t allow myself to get too excited before we hit the stage. I can let it all go there. Until then, I need to know that everything is handled before I step foot on stage. Then, I can have a blast.

Please send your prayers up on our behalf, so that we can travel safely, and have a great tour. This means so much to us. We will also be documenting the entire experience and uploading the videos each week, so that you can come on this journey with us. We’ll talk soon.

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