Pastor Refuses to Perform Ceremony Because of Bride’s Sexy Dress: My Opinion

wedding-dress-163x300I just read an article about a bride and groom who’s friends and family flew from all over, and booked hotel rooms to attend their wedding. Just before the wedding, the pastor of the church came to greet the bride and groom separately. When he got to the bride, he made mention about her dress being too revealing. Then, he refused to marry the two, unless the bride found a change of clothes or a way to cover up. The bride, her family, friends, and groom were so upset, because the wedding would not commence. Now, the couple are seeking ways to repay their guests for all of the money they’d spent to witness their nuptials.

The dress that the bride wore is the dress that the model is wearing in the photo to the right. I think it’s safe to say that nobody’s judging when they say this may be inappropriate for a church. If it was an outdoor wedding, maybe she could have gotten away with this. A sanctuary just isn’t the place where we should be dressed this way. Maybe this should have been the dress that she changed into for the reception. Or maybe this should have been the dress that she changed into on her wedding night.

There are two sides to this, however. Neither the bride nor the groom was a member of this newly established church, and they had never met the pastor before the day of their wedding. When they booked the church for their ceremony, they weren’t presented with any guidelines, dress codes, etc. So, while many argue that the bride should have known better, and that it is common sense that women shouldn’t be dressed so provocatively in the church, others argue that the church should have laid some ground rules. And even though the pastor may be commended for standing up for himself and his church in a difficult situation, he may be standing up in court soon, defending himself for ruining this couple’s wedding day and causing lots of financial losses for them and their guests. Read the full story here.

Who do you think is to blame in this situation? 

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