My Spiritual Journey: Gratitude

purposeI have been working on my spiritual self, so that I can become the best me that I can possibly be. Because we are all a part of this universe, I understand that I have power that I can tap into at any moment. Lately, I’ve been paying close attention to my thoughts, and taking control over the negatives, turning them into positivity. Before I can command anything from the universe, I feel that it is important to practice gratitude. I know what you’re thinking…”But you represent positivity.” This is true. I treat people the way that I want to be treated, but believe it or not, I’m hard on myself. Sometimes, doubt and worry creep into my thoughts. These are cancerous and must be removed. My job is to get rid of those thoughts, to be grateful for all of the things that are positive, and to find the positive in all other things. I realized my perception is what makes things real. Whatever I believe is actuality. If this is true, I have more power than I originally thought.

I keep a journal that I record my prayers, thoughts, dreams, and now my gratitude. As I continue my spiritual journey, I will share the details with you.

I will say this…so far, switching negative thoughts to positive causes me to physically feel better. Using logic, doesn’t it feel better to have hope rather than fear? It is a lot freer to live in hope. I encourage you to take this journey with me. Be grateful for everything. Speak your gratitude. Write your gratitude. Draw your gratitude. Count your gratitude.

What are you thankful for?

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