My Spiritual Journey: Finding Peace

peaceWe think we know what peace feels like, until we honestly experience it. Things that bothered us before, just don’t anymore. Having a deeper understanding of yourself allows your tolerance level for other people and situations to sky rocket. When we completely get that we are an extension of the universe and other people, we recognize our fears, limitations, flaws, and insecurities a lot faster than before. To think Who does that? You’re crazy! or That makes no sense, we’re actually showing others our intolerance for their individuality.

I didn’t have an aha moment when I discovered that I had found peace. It sort of sneaked up on me. I decided to make an effort to check myself, whenever I felt the urge to reject someone’s thoughts, ways, and personality. By doing this, I was able to see what my insecurities and faults were. Once I dealt with those, I was able to have a more positive experience with the same people that I found intolerable before. I released a lot of tension, anxiety, and anger this way. I had no idea that I had been holding on to some unnecessary feelings regarding situations and people. I would let my situation stress me out, even though things had been working out fine. I am a planner, and I like to know what is going to happen and when. I also want to know the entire process by which it will happens. But when dealing with God, the law of attraction, etc. we can’t dwell on the how. Our only job is to ask, believe, and let it go. Once I learned to detach myself from the process by which something would come about, I was able to live a more relaxed and peaceful life.

I love journaling, because I ask for things all the time and quickly forget about them, because I’ve moved to a new page. I went back five years in my journal, last week, and learned that everything that I had written had come fruition. I wrote that I would like to have a great semester in school, and that semester I was on the dean’s list. I wrote that I wanted my then fiance to get a new car, and within a month, he had a new car. I remember writing, not long ago, that I wanted to have a peaceful home, because my husband is a debater, and I don’t like to back down either. Voila! A few weeks later, there is peace in my home. We communicate a heck of a lot better. Conversations about finances, spirituality, plans, etc all go smoothly, even though we may disagree on some things. Ah, to find peace…I’m loving it.

Have you found peace on your spiritual journey? How did it come about?

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