My Spiritual Journey: Controlling My Thoughts

reflectionOne of the very first things that I learned in becoming more spiritual was that I ultimately have control over my thoughts. It is actually my job to monitor my thoughts, and control what I want my thought life to be. This sounds easy enough, but to be mindful of what I’m thinking at all times can get tiresome quickly. I realized, early on, that throughout one day, several negative thoughts would flood my mind. A nothing-to-do day at home alone would quickly turn into a day full of worry. I randomly thought What if something happens to my husband while he’s out? What if someone tries to break into our home, while I’m here alone? What if I suddenly feel sick and weak and die here alone? What if I fall asleep and never wake up? I had no idea why I was thinking these things, but I decided to rid myself of those types of thoughts. I would replace them with I hope my husband is having a great day. I’m grateful for living in such a peaceful place. I am grateful for being healthy. A nap sounds great! 

When I replaced the negative thoughts with positive ones, I immediately felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I began to practice this daily. I paid close attention to how I was feeling, and if I wasn’t feeling well, I would pay attention to what I was thinking. Almost every time, my thoughts were the source of my negative feelings. And since I have control over my thoughts, I started to change them. It’s simple.

Practice: For a while, I wrote down my thoughts as they came to me, and observed how many were negative and how many were positive. For every negative thought, I would purposefully write a positive thought. It helped tremendously. Now, I do it in my head, and sometimes I even speak aloud to rid booming negative thoughts.

Have you practiced controlling your thoughts?


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