My Spiritual Journey: 4 Ways to Deal with Doubt

Like everything else, starting on a journey to become a more spiritually awakened being is extremely exciting. In the beginning, it’s easy to stay on track and meditate/pray, read, learn, etc. Everything that we learn is applied immediately, and we can’t wait to see our lives transform into what we’ve always dreamed about. Then, we realize what the word “journey” actually means, and we start to understand that this is a long-haul-type situation.

I’ve been going strong, manifesting, studying, meditating, the whole nine. Yesterday, finding my happy was just more difficult than usual. I still had wonderful things to be grateful for, and I journaled like I always do. I just started feeling overwhelmed and weak, emotionally. Working in the entertainment industry is so uncertain, and since it’s been snowing left and right, bookings have been a bit slow, and we’ve been at home a lot more. In hindsight, I am so grateful for the time that we have been able to spend at home, because we were complaining before about being on the road so much. Don’t get me wrong…we love what we do, but sometimes, we just want to crawl into our own bed at the end of the night. Anyhow, we wanted more time at home, and now that we have it, we’re like we gotta get outta here and make some money so that we can pay these bills. We also have been working on a couple of new projects, and instead of being thankful for these great new ideas/business ventures, I was focused on the overwhelming feelings that I was experiencing. After going through so many changes, I learned a few things about how to deal with doubt.

  1. Know that in order to move into something new, you have to let go of the old. When I felt overwhelmed, I was able to look at my feelings and my circumstances and realize that the overwhelming feeling was actually a nervous excitement toward the new things that we were venturing into.
  2. Be patient. I was feeling like the things that I was working on manifesting in my life weren’t coming to fruition, but  these things take time. It’s like reversing all of the negative feelings that I’ve been sending out for so long, and waiting for the positive feelings to register and vibrate back toward me. Besides, those things are very much on their way, especially once these new ideas are fleshed out and executed.
  3. Have faith. Doubt is just a lack of faith, and spirituality requires a great deal of faith.
  4. Think positively. I had the power, all along, to change my thoughts, which would ultimately alter my feelings.

Have you dealt with doubt on your spiritual journey? If so, how did you deal with it?

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