My Favorite Keys (E-flat)



E flat was made for R&B                                   .

Stevie knows it. Jill Knows it. John Legend knows it. E flat is a great key for singing! For musicians, it is a great way to cheat because there are a lot of black keys in that key. I am one of the most right handedly challenged piano players ever so that works for me! I can slip down from an A0flat to a B flat on mistake and look like a beast!

The notes in a major scale are:                     








and E-flat.

Take that third note (G) down a half step and you are in what I like to call Black Key Heaven (copyright denied) E-flat minor is even better! I love to play around there. It’s great for not only R&B but gospel, jazz and rock.

For vocalists, it is in that sweet spot. It is in a comfortable range for males and females and it allows you to go anywhere for runs and note-bending. To the casual listener it might sound like any regular song . But for many, that key is where most songs start.

So if you are a budding composer or writer, plat around in the land of E flat and see what music you can create. Try listening to Jill Scott’s The Way and get some ideas of how E flat minor can ork for you.  It is one of my favorite keys.

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