Music Is…Personal Style

Most popular musicians are known for their signature style. Some have a glamorous swag, while others go for the weird, nerd, or punk rock, kind of look. I’m not sure where I fall within the spectrum, but I’m sure my style leans heavily toward the weird side. I like it though. I have fun playing with my day-to-day look, but when it’s time to hit the stage, I think I punk out and go for the safe and glamorous image, with a little sex and a little funk. Can you picture that? My style is all over the place. Some days I try to look cute and innocent, and other days I want to look edgy. I don’t there’s anything wrong with it. I feel different everyday, so my look should reflect that, right? I’m still working to tame my style, and settle on my signature look. I usually style from the hair down. I used to style from the shoes up. Check out the photos below to see my chaotic style. What’s your personal style? Feel free to post pics at

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