Music Is…Health & Wellness


A part of being a musician is maintaining our health. Because we live in a world that judges us based on our outward appearances, we must look like attractive people before anyone will even consider giving us their time and attention. Outside of the shallow reasons, we must pay close attention to our health and wellness, because we need to be “ON” at all times. Added bonuses to living a healthy lifestyle are as follows:

·      Musicians will be in better shape

·      Have more energy

·      Be able to work longer and harder hours

Vocalists absolutely must take care of themselves, because not enough rest, or eating the wrong foods could jeopardize their performances. Musicians who play instruments also need efficient rest, and they must eat properly and exercise in order to be able to play effectively for the duration of a concert.

Did You Know?

Eating and drinking dairy products coats the vocal chords and produces excess mucus that interferes with voice quality.

Greasy foods slow us down and cause us to get fatigued quickly.
MusISHans, let’s take care of ourselves and start living healthier lifestyles. Do your research on getting started and swapping out your foods for better, healthier choices.

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