Money Management: The First Thing That Goes

I’m interested in learning what others restrict when their funds are low. I’ve heard some people say that when their bills overpower their available funds, they blow everything off and head to the mall. I don’t know how well that works for them, but I can’t do that.

Whenever my funds are low, I cut back on my little luxuries. My luxuries are chocolate snacks, impulse purchases of magazines at the checkout counter, and going out to the movies and restaurants. Sensible? It seems that we do the same things every month. So, how do we end up tight in the pockets sometimes? I don’t have the answer to this.

I keep track of my money through a website that helps people budget their money and save. I’ve learned that the majority of my money goes to food and gas. It makes perfect sense, because we are always traveling, and we have to eat while we’re out. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to make some more money, right? Easier said than done.

So, tell me…what is the first thing that goes when your funds are low?

2 Responses to “Money Management: The First Thing That Goes

  • I think most people find themselves in this situation from time to time. When I find myself in a Penny Pinching mode, the first thing I give up is my mani’s and pedi’s. I know my sistas are saying oooooh nooooo not that!..but on the east coast it’s cold right now so no toes will be exposed anyway. lol I do a home care system to give my hands some love until I can get back in a salon. As for the impulse buying, well I have to just stay out of the shops COMPLETELY or else…..:-0

    • LOL. I know what you mean. I don’t even window shop, during those times. I do the at home mani pedi system too, and being a natural girl, I spend a lot of time doing my own hair. So, I don’t spend a lot of money in those areas.

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