Money Changes Things

Recently, I stood in front of a group of teenagers, reading information about an internship opportunity. I didn’t even have to encourage them to apply, because as soon as I read the hourly pay, they all burst into a roar, yelling “pick me!” and “I wanna do that!” and “I’m bout to be stoopid paid!” Normally, I would be happy about the teens’ excitement to jump at a great experience, but what got me was that I hadn’t even read the description of the positions.

I stopped, put the paper down, and just had to ask, “So you guys don’t even know what you would be doing and you’re willing to apply for the position just for the money?” Some, knowing that they should try to stand out and say the right thing, said that they wanted to know more about the internship before making a decision. Others (the majority) said they didn’t need to know. All they were concerned about was the idea of possibly making $14-21 per hour for a few months. They were already talking about the things they would buy with their earnings.

I shook my head and moved on with my presentation, but later I couldn’t shake the thought that I am also guilty of allowing money to make some of my decisions. Sure, I’m more responsible with my money than a teenager, but I too have jumped at opportunities because of the dollar amount offered. When are we really in control of what we do? At some point, we have to put priorities out front and do what needs to be done, and sometimes what needs to be done isn’t necessarily what we want to do. Right?

MusISHans, has money ever dictated your life?

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