Memoirs of A Frustrated MusISHan

In any career, rejection and let downs can become a part of the growth process. There comes a time when one will either choose to give up out of frustration, or use that frustration as fuel to push even harder. In my case, I have made the decision to use my frustration as fuel to power through the growing pains of being an independent artist.

Gone are the days when someone with talent could walk into a record producer’s office, break out in song, and have a record deal on the table in the snap of a finger. There are several people across the world who have talent, but mere talent isn’t enough anymore. What separates the successful artists from everyone else is drive, business sense, and a bit of chance and opportunity. I have been running my band as a business for a year now. I probably shouldn’t even get so frustrated, because in a year’s time, God has blessed my group to do some major things. As I try hard to be patient and wait for my time to come, I have to continue working as hard as I possibly can to make sure that I am exhausting the possibilities of advancing in my career as a musISHan.

In the past, I have been taken advantage of, lied to, overlooked, and turned away. These are all very frustrating things, but I kept going, because my love for music is stronger than my desire to quit. I want this too badly to give up. Every negative occurrence regarding my music career has ignited a fire inside of me to prove myself. I know that I have talent, and I’m learning more about the business every day. I’m saving and scraping my pennies up constantly to invest in my talent, but I think the most frustrating part is getting the masses to catch on. Artists can’t advance unless they have their numbers up and a decent following, but they can’t gain that following, unless they book shows and have other people talking about them. Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Because I am dedicated to living a positive life, I have to turn my frustration into something that brings a smile to my face. I decided to draft a list of all of things that I have accomplished so far. Even though I have a lot more work to do, I can focus on the things that have gone right, and come up with my next steps from there. Hopefully, you will be inspired to create your own positives list.

In one year’s time, my band has:

  1. Networked with several talented beings across the United States, United Kingdom, France, and others
  2. Had our music played on several internet radio stations across the world
  3. Opened for a Grammy Award Winning Artist
  4. Met with an A&R rep at a major label
  5. Had our single “The Vows” featured in a hit film
  6. Been featured on the #1 rated African American Parenting and Relationship blog site
  7. Touched people across the globe through our music
  8. Been able to make marriage look cool and fun
  9. Mentored youth in performing arts
  10. Released an album EP “Pineapple Tuesday”

What are some positive things that you’ve done in your career?

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