Maintaining the Marriage, Maintaining the Bond

Maintaining the Marriage, Maintaining the Bond 

Many experts would say that communication is the best solution to fix most problems. With the advent of social media, almost everyone is connected to each other.

The internet, ideally, is supposed to make communications easier, with the sites like, Instagram and Flickr adapting a social networking approach despite having different target audiences. For Foxy Bingo, the online gaming site focuses not just in providing immersive social games to its users, it also establishes a venue for social gaming fans to get-together and connect with each other.

If online games like Foxy Bingo, video site like YouTube, and blog sites like Tumblr are able to use a community-centric approach to connect like-minded people, then what should prevent married couples from communicating with each other? Talking and understanding each other may be simple to think about, but it can be very complicated to do.


Establish the Friendship 

In marriage, of course love is important but there are those who neglect the fact that friendship is also a requirement to establish a lasting relationship. According to’s article 8 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship, “remember to treat your partner with the same kindness, respect, and appreciation as you would a close friend. Support, listen to, and laugh with each other.”


Fight Properly, Not Ugly 

In any long-term relationship, especially in marriage, misunderstandings and disagreements will always occur. Along with properly listening to your partner first, make sure you fight “correctly”. According to celebrity house designer Nate Berkus, whether its interior design or the marriage itself, “Whatever it is, if the person you love cares deeply about it, there’s a way to make it work.” Keep the topic of the argument clear and make sure you don’t bring up past fights or issues.


Do the Money Talk 

For as long as you have established a solid channel of communications, money issues should not become a taboo. “Do it over coffee and dessert, or after your children go to bed so there are no interruptions. Be honest with each other and listen. Use that time to discuss problem areas and possible solutions,” Megan Pacheco starts off with her advice article titled Preserve Your Marriage by Making 5 Smart Money Decisions.


Talking is not enough. Communication is a two way street. Once you have made it a solid method, then no topic can be hard to discuss with each other.

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