Loosen Up in Your Relationship

More times than not, when a woman falls in love and gets married, she enters her marriage with the desire to be different from other marriages she’s seen or heard about. She makes the silent promise to be the perfect wife. Even those of us who aren’t so domesticated, try our hand at homemaking to be the all-around perfect catch our man has always dreamed of having. As great as it sounds, it’s extremely unrealistic. No one can live up to being perfect. That first argument will tarnish your idea of having the perfect marriage, and most likely send you into a depressing state. The third and fourth argument or mistake will have you giving up on the idea of living that fairy tale life, and that’s when it’s time to get real and loosen up.

I always tell Caleb, “Forever is a long time, and it’ll be even longer if we continue to harp on every small thing that occurs or word that is spoken.” He started to get it a few weeks ago. The first few years are full of attempting to mesh to personalities and upbringings in one household. My experience was two people fighting for position. We both were used to our own ways, and we were trying to make each other conform. That didn’t work too well. Hundreds of arguments later, we finally realized that neither of us was going to change. Of course, every person has things that they need to work on and improve. But the facts are, we are different, we’re going to be different, and that is perfectly fine. We fell in love, knowing our differences. Why can’t we stay in love knowing and accepting our differences?

The majority of the things couples argue over are negligible. We naturally want to be around people who are like us. It’s time to increase our tolerance level, stop judging each other, and work on living happily ever after. Loosen up! You have flaws and your significant other has flaws. Embrace them. Deal with them.

Tell me, have you be wound tight in your relationships, or do you go with the flow?

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