Looking Fa Love

Everyone on earth is constantly in search for love. Whether it’s love of self, romantic love, love of a friend or family member, we all want to be loved and accepted by someone. In our search, some of us end up hardened by our experiences with the people we cross paths with.

A lot of times, when we meet someone of the opposite sex, we automatically think that we’re supposed to start a romantic relationship with that person. Sometimes, we become a part of each other’s lives to learn something, teach something, or help each other in some way. Instead, we force some of those relationships into romantic encounters, and end up heartbroken when it doesn’t pan out into a happy ending. If we’re lucky, we still learn or teach what we were meant to in the first place.

I’ve traveled this road all too frequently, before I ran into my husband. What causes us to continue to look for that love in the wrong places even after we’ve learned our patterns and know that they don’t work? Is it possible to be friends and connect with people of the opposite sex without making it about sex or turning it into something more than what it was meant to be? Most people don’t think so. While it is possible to not react to every attraction, it is difficult to want love so badly and not think that we could find it in every situation. Maybe it’s the story that we create in our heads that keeps us going. The crazier the story, the better, we think. We imagine ourselves telling people the story of how we met and how we fell in love with our significant other. At least I did. We want that story to be amazing: something that our friends and family will gush over hearing.

I know, it has become cliché now, but it’s true that if we stop looking and focus on our goals and our purpose, love comes. If we’re not looking to turn everything into love, real love has an opportunity to show up.

MusISHans, what are you thoughts on looking for love in all of the wrong places?

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