Live Your Life for YOU!

CrossroadsWe often hear the very cliche expression “YOLO”. A few years ago, when we weren’t abbreviating everything, people would actually say “You only live once”. This was a way of saying loosen up and have some fun. Try new things. That’s why we’re here. Too many people have been living in fear, worried about pleasing someone else. Whether it’s their mother, father, friends, co-workers, or even an enemy that they’re trying to impress, they make decisions based on what someone else thinks.

As a person who has been there, I can say that this is a very dishonest and unhealthy way to live. It doesn’t serve you or usher happiness into your life. Instead, it can drain you and make you feel resentment toward the person or people that you are trying to please. The truth is, no one else can actually live your life, except for you. Others will try to make you conform to their way of thinking and living to make themselves comfortable, but you are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for you.

The reason most people hate their job is because they made choices that someone else wanted them to make, rather than the ones they truly desired to make. Do you remember “Fight Club”? The human sacrifice trick was to help people get out of their zombie-like state of going through the motions of a mediocre life, to stop allowing someone or something else to control their lives, and to finally start doing what makes them happy. Aah, if it wasn’t illegal, and I wasn’t afraid of jail, I’d probably do the same thing Tyler did.

Wake up! Look around you. You can’t get back any of the time that you have wasted not living your life for yourself. Don’t worry about what others have to say about it. They’ll get over it, and you’ll be happy. Isn’t that what matters anyway???

Tell me, have you made decisions based on someone else’s opinion?

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