Letting Go of The Past So You Can Move Forward

Far too many people are being held back by their pasts. Because they have been wronged in some way, it is difficult for them to get over their hurt or betrayal and move on with the rest of their lives. I want to offer some encouragement. It’s not too late to take your life back. It is necessary to forgive and live.

I too have been wronged on several occasions. I have been betrayed by people close to me. If you truly knew me as a child, you never would have thought that I’d be who or where I am today. I have been judged unfairly. I have been in an abusive relationship. I have been heart broken. Nonetheless, I am still here and I’m happy.

I have no idea how strong I actually am. Every time I think I can’t take anymore, it’s over and I have lived to share my story with someone else. You have no idea how powerful you are and can be, if you would just purpose in your heart to move on and start living your best life.

I get it. When people hurt us or wrong us in some way, we only feel like we can move on if they apologize, or if we get vengeance or see something happen to them as a result of what they did to us. The truth is, life just doesn’t happen that way. We don’t have to take matters into our own hands. As I said in a previous article — It’s Good To See [That I’m Doing Better Than] You — we can trust God and the universe to do their jobs. Just as sure as my name is Andriea Ishman, whatever we put out will come back to us. If someone has done you wrong, the best thing you can do is forgive that person and move on, because he/she will get what is coming. Just because people don’t advertise all the hurt that they experience doesn’t mean that they aren’t experiencing any. Think about it. On social media sites, no one usually announces that their relationship is failing, or that they just got fired. Mostly, when you scroll down your newsfeed, you see pictures of happy people, and statuses about great experiences.

If I had let my past dictate my future, I’d be living a depressing life, and I’d probably be in a relationship that is not fulfilling. I have always had a certain level of determination that no one has been able to take from me. I know what my life can be. So, I refuse to let any circumstance or situation deter me from reaching my highest potential. God has played a major role in my life as well. I wouldn’t dare take the credit for my progress and happiness. I trusted Him, and He made sure that I was delivered from my past situations and circumstances. They helped shape me, but in no way do they define me. I now have several experiences and stories to use to help someone else who may be going through the same things. If I could do it, I know you can. Andriea aka Sensitive Sally overcame her past and pushed through. Let go of your past and move forward, starting today!


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