Let Me Show You How Your P**sy Works: Hit or Quit???

The new Brian McKnight song has lots of people in an uproar. I know a few of his songs, but my husband knows every lyric to every song that he’s ever written. So, I have the perspective of the true fan and the non-fan. I believe so many people are upset, whether they are long time fans or just know of him, because the lyrics to this song seem so unnecessary. I completely understand if he wants to break out and do a sexier song than we are used to, but I don’t understand why he believes that he needs to use that language in order to achieve that.

Think about all of the people who have children. There is no way that they could/should play that song on the speakers at home or in the car. We already have songs and artists that push limits and cross the lines. We don’t need the good music to start going bad too. I swear, there are ways to write a super sexy song that not only paints a clear picture of an adult scene, but it upholds a level of class that we must have.

I am not upset with Brian McKnight. My position is that I am a bit disappointed. He went from the love song-singing guy with the sweet voice to the explicit lyric writing guy with the sweet voice.  It simply doesn’t sound right coming from him. It’s just one of those things. If R. Kelly were to sing the same song, it might be a little more accepted, and his voice might fit. In this case, my opinion is that Brian seems to be trying way too hard to do something different. Maybe it was a publicity stunt to gain some attention and let us know that he’s still around. I have another idea as well.

A couple of months ago, Brian McKnight was invited to Gary to perform a concert. It was held at West Side High School. I was shocked to see that all of his opening acts were gospel singers. It was pretty much praise and worship service right before he walked onto the stage. I mean, what was he supposed to do after that? He played into it, saying “Amen” and mentioning the Lord. He carefully eased into his concert, but it seemed like he was uncomfortable for a minute. This song could have been his way of making sure this NEVER happened again.

Watch the video below.

MusISHans, what are your thoughts?


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