It’s Time to Make It Right

A lot of us get to a point in our lives where we decide to change. We start to live a little differently and better ourselves mentally and physically, but we forget a very important step after our transformation. That step is righting our wrongs. Throughout life, I’m sure we’ve all done some less than upstanding things. We have offended some people and hurt others. I think it’s important that we take the time to reach out to those people to offer apologies and make things right.

I practice what I preach. Over the last couple of months, I have been reminded of people and situations from my past, while I meditate. It bothered me to remember that I have shown an ugly side of myself, and I have reached out to some people via phone, email, and handwritten letters, apologizing for my behavior in the past. I did this for myself and for the other person. I don’t know how deeply the other person was affected by my actions/words, but offering positivity shows my effort to not leave the same impression on him/her.

Some people transform into a newer version of themselves and attempt to leave everything else behind. This is why some people aren’t impressed by your new being. They are skeptical, because they remember when you were less than godly, or when you were negative, conniving, and hurtful. There is a woman hurt today, because a man who was abusive to her is now a loving husband to someone else and has a beautiful family. There is a person who looks sideways at a Christian man/woman, because before that man/woman dedicated his/her life to Christ he/she said or did something to offend that person. Please make the effort to right your wrongs and spread some positivity to the people from your past. Don’t just turn your back on them and keep moving. Who knows, it may just be what someone needs to move forward and become a better person too.

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