It’s Good to See [That I’m Doing Better Than] You

As much as we’d love to say that we are cordial with everyone, or that we let things roll off of our backs, there is one situation that a lot of people struggle with. When we run into someone from our past, especially someone who has wronged us or hurt us in some way, we tend to size that person up in our heads.

We may behave in a cordial manner, but on the inside, we’re emitting a whole lot of negative energy. That’s why those encounters are usually awkward. The main thing that most of us focus on is whether or not we’re in a better position than the other person, since the break-up.

The post-breakup meetings are jam packed with competitive thoughts. Did he/she gain weight? Is he/she still single? If not, is my ex’s new mate less attractive than me? Is he/she miserable without me? These are just some of the things that pass through our brains when we lay eyes on that ghost from the past. Here’s a thought that could help you stay positive in this situation.

We all know that whatever we put out into the universe is what will ultimately come back to us. Some explain this with the phrase “you reap what you sow”, while others call it karma. Whatever your belief, the concept is the same. If someone has wronged you or hurt you, either you are reaping or that person is sowing. Is it possible that you did something to hurt someone else in the past? If you have been a perfect person who made sure that everything you’ve ever released into the universe was positive and uplifting, maybe the person who hurt you sowed a negative seed into your life. That seed will definitely grow one day and come back to that person.

Just remember that it’s not your fight. You don’t have to put out ill wishes on the people that were less than positive toward you, because they will get what is coming to them. You should actually feel sympathy for those people, because if what they did was really horrible, you know that they will one day feel the same way you felt, and that is painful. Keep it positive and trust the universe to do its part.

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