It’s A New Year…In February

Moving is like New Year’s Eve to me, because I make promises and declarations of keeping up with chores, cooking more, decorating, entertaining, planning better, and actually following the schedule I’ve made. It sounds great, but somehow, life eventually takes over, and I find myself doing the same things I’d been doing. Chores get put off until the next day (next week), my husband and I eat out and order take out more often than usual, and I miss the deadline to sign up for that walk-a-thon (on purpose).

I understand these types of things have to be treated like a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. I have to make small changes and get used to them being a part of my life, before I add another…I’m learning. Before, I would make a long list of things that I’m going to do differently, and get disappointed when nothing has been crossed off of that list after a few months. Caleb and I have been working on all areas of wellness, and we’re getting better with financial wellness and emotional wellness. We’re taking it a little at a time. I’ve also had to learn, the hard way, that if my spouse isn’t doing working on the same things or isn’t supporting me in the things that I want to do, it’s way more difficult to accomplish. Can I swear off junk food and watch him raid the chips and cookies aisles at the grocery store?

Last week, Caleb and I finally made our move to Chicago. Now that we’re in a new home, we plan to have a new attitude, and take on a new way of life. I’m compiling my list again, but this time, I’ll commit to one thing at a time, rather than try to take on everything all at once. I am cleansing and purging, and I declare that things will be better. I’m committed to improvement, so I’m working on making changes. And you can hold me to it. Check in and see how I’m doing with my different areas of wellness.

What things would you like to improve in your life?

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