ISH Performs at the Speakeasy in Richmond, VA with Jarrard Anthony

ISH at the Speakeasy with Jarrard AnthonyLast week, we had the privilege to be a part of history. In a place where many of the legendary musicians have played, ISH stepped onto the stage and left our own mark. Jarrard Anthony invited us out to share the stage and to introduce us to the RVA. The night of our performance, we were up against the Capital Jazz Fest in Washington, DC, but people still came out to support us and the wildly popular event. The day before, we learned that people feel that ISH is a strong name and they assume that we mean that we are the ish. With the explanation that it is short for our last name Ishman, and fitting because Ish in Hebrew means husband, we watch them exhale and smile, understanding completely and falling in love with the name that we’ve chosen to use for our group.

I ordered some wings, because Chan Hall, a local artist and MD for the night, had suggested them, but I could hardly eat a bite. For some reason, on the day of a show, I typically don’t eat anything until after the performance. I didn’t have an appetite, but I tried to force myself to eat something. I didn’t want to pass out on stage. Caleb, on the other hand, had no problem smashing his food, and tried to ease his way over to my plate.

I sat, watching, listening, wondering if the Richmond crowd would like us, and kicking myself for always questioning whether or not I’m worthy of the opportunities that come our way. The Chan Hall Trio was awesome! I love Jazz music. Pretty soon, it was time for us to go on. I had already prayed, so I took a deep breath, grabbed my husband by the hand, and walked out onto the stage. The people there hadn’t even heard us sing, but they were so loving and welcoming, cheering as if they knew who we were. We sang our first song, and the ball was rolling. We felt great and our voices were hydrated and on point. When we talked to the crowd, they talked back. They were laughing and clapping, and dancing. We had an absolutely wonderful time. It seemed like the show went by quickly. At the end of the night, they sent us home with 4 CDs left in our bag. Not bad!

The owner of the Speakeasy/Hippodrome gave us a tour of the building, and we were in awe at the people who came before us, Ron’s dad, and the legacy of the city. We ended the night at a diner where I ate myself sleepy. Overall, the event was amazing! Our trip was awesome, because Jarrard and his business partner Will were extremely hospitable. They took great care of us, and made sure that we were in a great headspace for the show. The band was made up of some really talented musicians, and we had fun with them on stage.

We give this show 4 thumbs up! It

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