ISH Husband and Wife Duo Releases Music Video “Blend”

Power Ballad and Ultimate Love Song Makes A Splash

Chicago, IL (September 17, 2013) – Early September 16, 2013, the Soul/R&B husband and wife duo ISH released their first ballad video for “Blend”, a love song that has proven to be an instant hit with hopeless romantics and brides everywhere.

“Blend” paints a picture of two people in search of love and who effortlessly mesh once they finally find each other. ISH’s music, even the slow songs, usually feature heavy bass and drum sounds, but “Blend” is stripped down to the bare minimum. The song features the couple’s voices accompanied by piano, played by husband Caleb.
The video is nothing short of tear jerking, as the love between the husband and wife team can be felt through the screen.

The black and white video was directed and shot in Chicago, the city where the couple resides. “Blend” will be included on ISH’s upcoming album entitled “Pineapple Tuesday”.


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