ISH Help Wanted Lyrics

Help Wanted by ISH

Taking applications Fellas form a line


Calling all clean cut sexy independent gentlemen

Intelligent respectful and can be my best friend

Knows there’s nothing wrong with a man being sensitive

And that spontaneously is the way to live


I’m taking applications fellas form a line right here

Get your resume ready while I dry my tears

That other brotha is behind me

And I’m moving on

Filling his old position and I won’t wait long


I’m looking for somebody who will spoil me with attention

And massage me to relieve me of some tension

And will not be a man who disregard my feelings

And may God be a part of this relationship

I pray that God be a part it



I know just what I want and I won’t settle for no less

I wasted so much time trying to put up with yo’ mess

I’m through no need for you to beg me for another chance

I’m looking for somebody with some solid references



All the fellas who are strong black brothas got love for your mother let me hear you say (yea)

All the men who respect women never been in the pen for a single day (yea)

All the guys who would never lie to a woman to her face to get your way (yea)

You’re the perfect candidate and there is no wait this is your day

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