ISH Blend Lyrics

Blend by ISH


I can’t tell where you end

I can’t tell where I begin

‘Cuz somewhere in between we begin to blend


My heart consumed a butterfly so afraid to touch the sky

Deserving love but what have I to give

A search for love my eyes were blind a perfect love I tried to find

A worthy love a heart inline with his



Just as winter turns to May my cloudy past has turned away

Amazed to see you turn and change to me

Now I feel your hurt finish your phrase I’ll be with you til the end of days

No more me it’s beginning to change to we



You welcomed me with open arms showed me it’s okay to lower my guard

A love like ours I know is hard to find

And though we haven’t finished yet I give my all with no regret

We make these promises we are blessed as we mesh




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