ISH at Red Kiva

Tuesday night, ISH was invited to perform at Red Kiva for an after work event called Brown Sugar hosted by Alpha Clef Project. We accepted the invitation and showed up ready to share our gift with a new audience. We watched as the crowd piled into the building. There was a decent crowd inside, when we did our sound check. We noticed the people bobbing their heads and singing along to our sound check song, and we knew it would be a great evening.

The first set featured the styles of Soultre James. She warmed the crowd. Then, ISH was called to the stage. The crowd was receptive to our original songs, and enjoyed the covers. They sang along, clapped, and were the perfect audience. After our set, we met a lot of positive people who loved our act. We never take compliments for granted. Every person who lends us their ears are greatly appreciated.

The event takes place every Tuesday night at Red Kiva from 6p-9p. If you are a mature adult that loves live music and needs to unwind after work. This is the event for you.

Below is a video clip of us singing “She” from our album EP “Pineapple Tuesday” available on iTunes.
(Video captured by an audience member)

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