ISH Announces Launch of Indiegogo Campaign for Upcoming Album Release

After receiving such a positive response to their album EP, ISH is preparing to release “Pineapple Tuesday” the LP. As independent artists, the married couple has been working hard to hone their craft and to fund their own career. ISH has had to prove themselves to their musical peers and audiences around the nation. Now, ISH is ready to present their refreshing lyrics and soulful sound to the rest of the world.

With the help of bloggers, Internet radio stations, and soul music lovers, ISH has been able to reach a great number of people with their music. Caleb and Andriea have been promoting their singles “The Vows”, “Thick Girls”, and “Slow Drive” over the past year. With these songs being the most downloaded off of their EP on iTunes and Amazon, ISH is confident that their audience will love the new music that they are preparing for their full album. Husband and wife team, Caleb and Andriea Ishman, has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign, a crowd funding source, to gain the help of their supporters in making this release a success. They want to create awareness for their upcoming project and to properly release the album.

To learn more about the campaign and to become a contributor, visit ISH released the album EP “Pineapple Tuesday” on July 11, 2011, which was also their 2nd year wedding anniversary. The public welcomed the project with open arms, and quickly began asking for more. Radio stations across the US and in the UK, France, and Cairo showed their support by playing music from the EP. The couple believes that the release of their full album will garner an even greater response from listeners.

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