Indianapolis and Chicago Performances

ISH full pose copyThe last few weeks have been extremely busy for us. We were preparing for two concerts: one in Indianapolis, IN, and the other in Chicago, IL…two of our favorite places to perform.

We performed at Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis on November 6, 2013. Our friends, family, musISHans, and some new faces packed the house and gave us great energy from beginning to end. The stage is where we get our therapy. We all know that music can heal, which is why we love the type of music we write and perform. We felt great about our wardrobe, band, and our voices. We even performed a song that we haven’t done in years…an original entitled “Tired”. We’ve never done a recording of it, but after the response we’ve gotten, we just might! Lovers Lane was a sponsor for the show as well, and a lucky audience member went home with a sexy gift bag full of goodies. Check out “Tired” below.




In Chicago, we performed at Jerry’s in Wicker Park. I was feeling fat and ugly that day, so I changed everything that we were going to wear for the show. Ladies know, when we’re feeling less than, all black everything makes it better. I did my own makeup. Sometimes, I do it with confidence. Other times, I hire a MUA. In Indianapolis, I hired a very talented MUA named Miss Chriss. I did my hair…The style was an accident, but I got a lot of compliments on it, so I guess it was fate that I would struggle to style my hair that night. LOL The night was good. It stormed really bad, so some people didn’t show, but we had a nice crowd. Our soul family Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective showed up to support. That was really cool. It’s not often that artists get a chance to support each other on the weekend, because we’re usually all working somewhere those nights. Our voices felt strong, and we enjoyed ourselves on stage, as we always do. Afterwards, one of the guys who work at Jerry’s told us that they love us as a staff. That felt great! We love what we do, but when people respond so positively and let us know that we have a positive effect on them, it makes what we do that much greater. Check out footage from our Chicago show below!

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