I Had A Talk With God

I usually talk to God, but I don’t always hear back from Him…at least, not immediately. Yesterday, I was having a talk with Him, and He spoke to me before I could even finish my sentence. A lot of times, I write prayer notes. I have an ongoing document on my computer full of my letters to God. While I was writing this particular letter, He spoke to me and changed everything.

As you know by now, I quit my job in education in June. Caleb and I decided that I should work for ISH full time, and while I’ve been loving it, I learned that I’ve been focusing on the wrong things. Through my efforts, ISH has gained more Twitter followers, more website visits, more digital music sales, more bookings, more FB LIKES, etc. And while all of these things are great from a business standpoint, they have nothing to do with what God needed me to do.

Back in May, God told me that it was time for me to leave my job. I was a little afraid to step out into the unknown, but I trusted God, because I know that He would never lead me to a place where He wouldn’t take care of me. Fast forward to November, I’ve been doing what I thought I should be doing…working for ISH. I would get discouraged and frustrated at times, but I kept pushing. Yesterday, I was reading “A Leader In The Making” by Joyce Meyer, and she said that if we get frustrated in our work, that means that we’re relying on ourselves and on our own strength and doing. It made so much sense to me. I knew that I was guilty, and immediately, I went to God. This is what He told me.

God said that He is the one who promotes us…not people. He told me that I should continue to work for ISH, but that I shouldn’t put in so many hours doing it. Those things are necessary, but I need to focus on Him in order for Him to bless us. He told me to carve out time every day to read scriptures over my household and to focus on taking care of my husband. Doing this will prepare us to stand together against the pressure, once He blesses us to move forward. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? I was so excited to hear from God, that I dropped everything and got started right away.

When God talks back to me, I feel energized, because I know exactly what to do. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, because I know that I’m on the right track. It’s those times when He doesn’t say anything and I’m left wondering what I should be doing or if I should be doing anything at all.

Continue to pray with and for us, as we prepare to receive the blessings that God has waiting on us.

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