Husband and Wife Duo ISH Announces Full Album and Summer Tour

Pineapple Tour Days Begin in June 2013

Chicago, IL (June 7, 2013) – The independent Soul/R&B group duo ISH is gearing up to go on their promotional tour, which is set to begin in just one week. This is the couple’s first self-promoted tour, but ISH is no stranger to the stage. ISH has been captivating audiences with their lively personalities, undeniable talent, and infectious energy for over six years.

The tour is being used to promote their upcoming album “Pineapple Tuesday”, and to introduce other markets to ISH. 

The tour current dates are as follows:

June 15                   Cincinnati, OH

June 20                   Atlanta, GA

June 28                   Detroit, MI

June 30                   Chicago, IL

July 6                       Indianapolis, IN

July 10                    Philadelphia, PA

July 14                    Washington, DC

July 16                    Washington, DC

July 19                    Chicago, IL

ISH has delved into their souls and has conjured up the perfect mix of songs for their upcoming album. “Pineapple Tuesday” is about new, romantic love, self-love, communication, and inspiration. This album gives fans more duets, more flat-footed singing, and all around positivity. ISH is still accepting booking requests for the tour.

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