Homemade Dinner for Two

I have a success to report!

Over the weekend, I tried my hand at a meal that didn’t come in a box. As many commercials as I’d seen, I never paid attention to the ingenious uses of cream of mushroom soup. Again, taking a page from Julie’s book in the movie Julie & Julia, I cooked chicken breasts in a pan and added cream of mushroom soup. It was so flavorful. I was proud to see how excited my husband was, when the smells from the kitchen reached the living room. I can tell when he really likes my cooking, and when he’s just eating it because he’s hungry. This time he loved it. He voiced his thoughts between bites. It made me smile.

For sides, I made glazed carrots, green beans, and mashed potatoes. They were delicious as well. The first time I’d ever made glazed carrots, I spit them out. They were crunchy and way too sweet. I hadn’t bothered to thaw the frozen vegetables, before throwing them in a frying pan with butter and brown sugar. This time, I took my time. I was concerned with the process and not just the outcome. I put my iPod on shuffle, and planned to spend some serious time in the kitchen. I really enjoyed myself. Who knew cooking could be so much fun? I feel so late. You seasoned chefs are probably thinking, “Duh!” I know. I know. I’m brand new to this, and I’m starting to like it. I have many more dishes to prepare, but I’m getting off to a great start.

To top off the meal, I sliced some European bread and put the slices in a pan full of butter. They browned so beautifully, and they tasted wonderfully as well. Of course, just about anything with butter on it tastes good, right?

Note to self: Work on plating. It just makes the food look more appealing.

I am still open to suggestions, tips, and recipes. Please share your knowledge with me. I need your help.


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