Home Sweet Home!

ISH pineapple tour daysWe finished our tour, and though we are sad that it has come to an end, we are elated that we get to take a much needed rest and enjoy our families. Though we’ve been home for a couple of weeks, we are still flying high! We can’t even begin to tell how much fun we had, and how alive we felt being out on the road, spending time together, and doing what we love. To have a dream and watch it come to fruition is the greatest feeling imaginable. Our wedding day was a magical one, but I bet Caleb would agree that this experience is a contester. We documented the entire experience and posted weekly vlogs on YouTube. Watch the episodes now!

We realized that we are lucky. It isn’t every day that someone shares a passion like this with their spouse. A lot of times, we see people break up over a lack of support when one person in the relationship is a musician and their significant other doesn’t understand the time commitment or the work ethic that goes into music. We are blessed to have the same passion and the same goals. Together, we have been chasing after them, and I do believe we’ve finally caught up to them.

Just the other day, we were discussing how weird it is to dream of something our whole lives, only to finally get to the point where our dreams come true. Then, what do we do? I proposed that we set more goals. We and the world are forever changing. There are a plethora of things that we are interested in doing and experiencing.

We’re glad to be home, but we already have that touring itch that makes us want to get right back out there and travel some more. We did a lot of things so far this Summer, but we have yet to get in a pool. Maybe we can throw that on our to-do list soon.

What goals have you reached this Summer that you are proud of?

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