Hippie Chick Happiness

Do you remember Kelly Bensimon? She was the hippie-looking chick from The Housewives of New York and ex-wife of well-known photographer Gilles Bensimon. I thought about her today, while I was reflecting on my own life. It’s a joke among my co-workers that I always try to find the silver lining in situations and find the good in everyone. Earlier, I had a thought; they probably think I’m crazy. Then, ole Kels popped into my head. I remember the girls on the show giving her a hard time, because she always wanted to move past the negative and focus on something happier. She was in love with cute dogs, candy, rainbows, and unicorns. Well, something like that. The point is, she wanted nothing but positivity in her space, and everyone else thought she was crazy because of it. Whether or not she really is crazy is a different discussion.

I am starting to be convinced that this is a state of mind that only few have adopted, compared to the rest of the world, and because it’s not a popular thing, the rest of the world sees those people as the crazy ones. I have to say, I have wanted so badly to possess this kind of thinking and this true happiness, but I didn’t believe it was real until I actually experienced it. I tried to stay positive, but found myself in the dumps sometimes. I kept trying though, and my perspective on life finally shifted. I love it! No matter what the situation, I understand it differently.

A dear friend recently told me that if asked how he’s doing, he says and believes that he is perfectly great and loving life. However, if someone were to ask him what he’s faced with, the answer would be completely different. We all are faced with situations that aren’t the greatest, almost on a daily basis. We have to choose to either keep it moving and control what we can, or allow it to bring us down and focus on our negative feelings. But think about it…would you rather be sad almost everyday worrying about things you have no control over? Or would you rather live life to the fullest, allowing love, health, wealth, and positive energy into your space?

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