Help Yourself…Literally

I remember a time when people were ridiculed for reading self-help books, and now self-help is a major industry. People all over the world are making millions (even billions) just by helping people help themselves to become stronger mentally and emotionally, become healthier and more in tune with their bodies and nature, and become better more successful versions of themselves.  People aren’t ashamed of wanting to help themselves to a more fulfilling life.

The problem is that people are behaving as overzealous Christians do when they first come to Christ. I’m not being offensive. What I mean is, some people finally have an “ah ha moment”, as Oprah calls it, and they get excited and immediately start telling other people how to live and what they are doing wrong. Most people don’t want unsolicited advice regarding their lives. Even if we know that we need some improvements in some areas, we want to decide when to do something about it. Other people pointing out our faults and shortcomings are just insulting.

We must continue to better ourselves and spread what we learn through our personal changes. Others will naturally pick up what we exude. Our teaching moments will come as well. We don’t have to force them. Self-help is just that, and people who want more for their lives are constantly seeking information and techniques to enhance their spiritual and physical beings. Keep at it, and help yo-self!

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